Luca Vanello

Luca Vanello Luca Vanello Luca Vanello
Luca Vanello Luca Vanello Luca Vanello Luca Vanello
Selected recent exhibitions include: M HKA, Antwerp, Casa Atelier MUSEION, Bolzano (solo); Sonsbeek 2020-2024, Arnhem, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin (solo); Qalandiya International Biennale, Ramallah; Fondazione Ratti, Como; Banff Centre for the Arts, Canada;
OUTPOST, Norwich (solo); Museum für Fotografie, Berlin; The Showroom, London; Poppositions, Bruxelles, (solo).

Upcoming exhibitions are at the Verbeke Foundation, Belgium (solo); Kunsthal Extra City, Antwerp, Belgium, Whitehouse Gallery, Lovenjoel, Belgium.


In my practice I am interested in exploring the affective entanglements between the
cycles of our existence and the cycles of the materials that surround us and compose us.

In wanting to reflect on the inexorable human attempt at controlling time and its
inevitable failure, I am interested in exploring sculptural processes as “editing” the temporality of objects. In fact the acceleration of an oxidation process, the reversal of a plastic component back to its state before recognizable shape or the pausing of the life cycle of a plant by removing its chlorophyll become sculptural processes.

The works are conceived as “stand-ins” for objects to come. In acknowledging and
revealing shared vulnerabilities between different entities, such as human, animal, plant or machine, the wish is to explore new possible forms of togetherness.

Reassembled in abstract and hybrid forms, the line between the natural and the artificial is blurred. Matter becomes an independent agent, wanting to escape symbolism and potentially able to assume new forms and meanings. Functioning as an ecosystem, the work wishes to exceed a human-centered vision and enable us to take a fragmental look at the precariousness of existence.

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